Times Out & Proud was a landmark campaign that was launched at the back of the court ruling in 2018 decriminalising homosexuality in India. The campaign was a hope to build a more inclusive and equal society that enables the LGBTQIA+ community to enjoy a life without fear and discrimination. As a part of the campaign, TIMS invited the LGBTQIA+ community to share their stories with the newspaper – their highs and lows, their celebrations, their announcements, their milestones etc. We received an overwhelming response, and the campaign went on to win several awards and accolades.

While life for the community in the country may have improved in some way, one aspect remains unchanged – livelihood. They face different forms of prejudice, marginalising their potential, qualifications, or personality and leaving them underpaid, unnoticed, and unwanted. It is important to reiterate the need for employers to take the responsibility for making their workplaces inclusive instead of the community adjusting to a rigid environment. With this in mind, we are launching the second edition of the platform called ‘Times Out & Proud @ Work’ with an aim to make every place of work fair and inclusive.

The campaign will run across print, TV, and digital platforms and aims to engage with the larger community to build inclusivity in the workplace. We will do this by sharing stories of not only the discrimination faced by this community but also highlighting those that have gone far and above to prove their worth. We will involve those beyond the LGBTQIA+ by seeking their views and encouraging discussion on this important subject. For the next few weeks, we will see sustained conversations leveraging popular voices, allies, and the audience and creating further impact for the LGBTQIA+ community.